The Real Medellin Colombia

Medellin, Colombia “The City of Eternal Spring” as it is called is emerging as one of the most exciting cities in the world and perhaps the best climate in the world. The perfect moderate temperatures of Medellin are only interrupted by the occasional rain. The city, was once known for it’s violent past, but now that is only a fleeting memory of a time long gone. The Medellin of today is better known for commerce, fashion and of course, it’s beautiful women. Along with extremely beautiful women, the city boasts some of the most innovative photographers in the world. These photographers are making a statement in the unique style of their work. There is a creative movement in this city and it’s shock waves are being felt all the way to New York and Paris.

In the current Medellin population are a group of tourists who just never went home, or once they did could not resist the pull of Medellin. Colombia is liberal in granting visas but it is not an automatic process. Some of those ex patriots have started to contribute to the city and especially by informing the rest of the world about the real Medellin. These people have promoted the positive aspects of the city by creating videos, websites and photo pages about the city they love. Many have started a business or purchased apartments in an attempt to attract fellow countryman to this city.

Medellin has it’s own special culture with many parks, museums, theatre and the things you might find in any large city but with the Colombian flavor. Spending time in the more upscale area of Poblado, will give you sense you could be in any city in the world. With beautiful Office buildings, Hotels, and Malls, you quickly understand Medellin is a very modern city. fotomultas medellin

Medellin is a large city and in that respect has the same issues as any large city. Of course it has it’s share of crime and poverty. Like any large city there are places to avoid and it is always good to protect your personal property.

Whether visiting Medellin for a few weeks or for a few days be prepared to make a connection. The people are warm, engaging and it is not unusual to hear people singing and laughing in public. You find yourself very quickly daydreaming about where you might want to live when you move here. The biggest problem you will find when visiting Medellin, is leaving.

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